The New SignGuardian 10-24™

by Steve Riggs SignGuardian 10-24Announcing The SignGuardian™ 10-24

Smaller or "off-the-shelf" signs are usually delivered predrilled with four 3/16" holes. Rather than redrill the holes to fit our standard 5/16" Stainless Steel 1-Way R Bolt™, you can now use our new SignGuardian 10-24™ to mount signs to chainlink fence.   The SignGuardian 10-24™ comes equipped with a 10-24 (3/16") Stainless Steel one-way bolt and a specially designed Anchor Nut that has the smaller hole size and thread but has the same outside dimensions of our standard 5/16" nut while still snugly fitting in the original SignGuardian body.

Available in Grey. recommends that RF signs be used as part of a comprehensive occupational safety program, including:  hazard communications signage, a written hazard management policy, training, record-keeping, surveys and calculations and the availability of personal protective equipment (PPE) as needed.