Use Aluminum Signs

by Steve Riggs

Damaged Plastic RF Safety Sign

Here's an example of why it's better to use signs constructed from aluminum instead of plastic. The picture shows a plastic RF Safety Notice sign that is mounted on a gate to a wireless facility. It appears someone bumped the gate with their vehicle and cracked the sign. An RF Safety Notice Sign mounted to this gate would not crack like this as our signs are made from .040 gauge aluminum. If not replaced, the halves of the broken plastic sign will eventually break off in the wind, leaving the site without critical safety signage.

Keep Your Signs on the Fence, Use SignGuardian Mounting Brackets

by Steve Riggs
Hydrogen Danger Sign on the Ground

We visited a cell site the other day and noticed that this important Danger sign was on the ground. One of the occupants of the site is using a hydrogen fuel cell for backup power. Hydrogen is extremely flammable, so having a sign indicating "No Smoking" around the hydrogen is critical. The sign used to be mounted to the sign using nylon wire ties. If the site owner had used SignGuardian chainlink fence mounting brackets instead of nylon wire ties, the sign would stll be mounted to the fence. Stay on the fence, learn more about line of sign mounting solutions here.

The New SignGuardian-S™

by Steve Riggs

Our SignGuardian Chainlink fence clips have been a popular solution for mounting signs and banners to standard 2" chainlink fence.. From time to time we have been asked if we have a solution for security fences with smaller 1" to 1.25" mesh. We are happy to introduce the SignGuardian-S™. More...


The New SignGuardian 10-24™

by Steve Riggs SignGuardian 10-24Announcing The SignGuardian™ 10-24

Smaller or "off-the-shelf" signs are usually delivered predrilled with four 3/16" holes. Rather than redrill the holes to fit our standard 5/16" Stainless Steel 1-Way R Bolt™, you can now use our new SignGuardian 10-24™ to mount signs to chainlink fence.   The SignGuardian 10-24™ comes equipped with a 10-24 (3/16") Stainless Steel one-way bolt and a specially designed Anchor Nut that has the smaller hole size and thread but has the same outside dimensions of our standard 5/16" nut while still snugly fitting in the original SignGuardian body.

Available in Grey.


SignGuardian Goes Stainless!

by Steve Riggs

Our popular SignGuardian chainlink fence sign mounting system now features stainless steel hardware.  This will increase the durability of what was frankly, already a very durable product! For more about the SignGuardian, go here.

Read about the Sign Guardian in RadioWorld

by Steve Riggs

John Bissett featured our Sign Guardian sign mounting product his September 1st Workbench column.  You can read the web version of the article here and download a copy of the print version here.

New Printable Catalog

by Steve Riggs

Our Product Line information is now available in catalog form.   We've condensed the website down to the essentials, with information about sign placement and details on our products.   You can download the catalog here.

More Sign Mounting Hardware Options

by Steve Riggs

Sign Guardian™ Pole ClampWe're pleased to announce that we've added a couple more items to the Sign Mounting Hardware category. We now carry Sign Guardian™ Pole Clamps,  perfect for mounting our signs to pipes, poles, and gates.   The Pole Clamps come in 2 sizes, 2-3/8" and 2-7/8".   They feature the tamper resistant 1-Way R bolts.  

We have also added tamper resistant 1" screws good for mounting our signs to wood or metal surfaces.

Find out more about our sign mounting products here.

Please let us know if there's anything else you need.

New Bilingual Caution Sign

by Steve Riggs
RF Signs is pleased to announce the addition of a Bilingual Caution sign to our catalog. This 14" x 10" sign is in English and Español and has all the features you have come to expect from RF Signs.

New Shipping Policy

by Steve Riggs

RF Signs has a new shipping policy.  You can see it here. recommends that RF signs be used as part of a comprehensive occupational safety program, including:  hazard communications signage, a written hazard management policy, training, record-keeping, surveys and calculations and the availability of personal protective equipment (PPE) as needed.