Keep Your Signs on the Fence, Use SignGuardian Mounting Brackets

by Steve Riggs
Hydrogen Danger Sign on the Ground

We visited a cell site the other day and noticed that this important Danger sign was on the ground. One of the occupants of the site is using a hydrogen fuel cell for backup power. Hydrogen is extremely flammable, so having a sign indicating "No Smoking" around the hydrogen is critical. The sign used to be mounted to the sign using nylon wire ties. If the site owner had used SignGuardian chainlink fence mounting brackets instead of nylon wire ties, the sign would stll be mounted to the fence. Stay on the fence, learn more about line of sign mounting solutions here.


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New post recommends that RF signs be used as part of a comprehensive occupational safety program, including:  hazard communications signage, a written hazard management policy, training, record-keeping, surveys and calculations and the availability of personal protective equipment (PPE) as needed.